Does Having A Hair Transplant Hurt?

Does Having A Hair Transplant Hurt

Hair transplantation, one of the most preferred aesthetic practices of our reputation, is preferred by women and especially men.

One of the most curious questions about hair transplantation, which can cause significant changes in one’s appearance, is whether hair transplantation is a painful operation. Hair transplantation is the most important problem for people who want to have hair transplantation whether they suffer or not, whether the operation is a painful process or not.

Is pain felt during hair transplantation?

Everyone has different reservations when deciding on hair transplantation. Many people who are sensitive about pain and pain think, “Do I feel pain during hair transplantation?””Is hair transplantation a painful process? “or” does hair transplantation hurt? questions like”.

Hair transplant surgery is performed under local anesthesia, the person does not feel any pain or pain during the hair transplantation period.

Is pain felt after hair transplantation?

Hair transplant surgery after the pain that may occur after the doctor will be given daily painkillers can be passed light weight, almost all of the patients undergoing hair transplantation are going through this process without any problems.

After hair transplantation operations, the pain is almost nonexistent. While 85 out of 100 people who have hair transplantation experience no pain after hair October, 15% of them feel a slight pain, and this feeling is lost with painkillers.

The pain threshold is very low and the process works in the same way, even in people who have a more sensitive body than normal people.

Is pain felt while performing local anesthesia?

In order to ensure that people have a painless, painless and comfortable operation during hair transplantation, the person’s hair donor site should be numbed at the beginning of the operation. Very thin needles are used during this procedure to be performed as a local anesthetic and the substance applied to the skin can evoke a short-term, mild burning sensation in the person.

Although the burning sensation felt in this process varies according to the person, an adult person can easily tolerate this burning sensation lasting a few minutes.

Minimal Pain With Dental Needles

However, with the innovations in the medical world, the special dental needles used in local anesthesia applications, the fine needle tips and the rapid application of local anesthesia during the pain is taken to minimum levels.

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