Hair Examination And Process

Hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure in which the hair follicles are removed from the scalp and removed from the scalp. A table is then prepared according to him and presented to the patients.

Doctors assess if people have an illness or a serious health problem during the examination. They examine the thickness of the hair, hair structure, frequency of the donor area, hair color, the degree of hair loss and especially the expectations of people. As you can imagine, hair loss varies from person to person. Hair loss hair transplants hair grafts are to be done according to the intensity of operations must be calculated before the amount of. Those who have thicker hair, or dark hair hair multitude October, with the thin wires in the frequency of a persons hair is different and clear colours in October. For this reason, the hair transplantation of the second group is better in terms of aesthetics. Undoubtedly, all these analyses are values that will positively affect the success of hair transplantation.

Hair Analysis

A new hair analyzer is used in some clinics. Some of the experts working on hair centers by giving detailed hair analysis and reports about your hair increases your information. Experts identify the problems of your hair with hair analysis and plan the treatment of hair and report the positive results of the treatments performed in a realistic manner and provide patients with appropriate treatments.


Hair and skins with hair are projected onto the screen with the help of high magnification lenses. It also helps to identify the types of problems by comparing them with other scalp problems in the Data banks. It also offers the opportunity to evaluate the improvements in the scalp and hair after the treatments being applied by comparing them with old photographs.


It is the method used to count the number of hair in square centimetre. Single, dual and triple follicular units are marked on the image projected onto the screen with high enlargements. This system calculates the number of follicular units and hair in a square centimeter. This measurement allows the precise determination of the number of hair in the donor area and the area to be planted before hair transplantation. In addition, it offers information about the extent of the improvements by making comparisons with previous findings as a result of the treatments being administered.


The bands that measure the oil secretion rates of the skin are applied to the skin with the help of an applicator. It is useful to measure the amount of fat by placing it on top of the screen after it has been held for a certain period of time. These systems also show the measurements applied to determine the effectiveness of the treatment being used and the effect of shampoos.


Hair samples taken from 4 different parts of the scalp are placed in front of the video camera and projected onto the screen. These samples are being plucked to determine the level of hair growth stages. Thanks to the system, it is easy to automatically calculate the ratio of anagen and telogen. These measurements also help to determine treatment activities as numerical values.

Line Of Hair

It is the hairline that provides the width of each person’s forehead and the aesthetic appearance of the faces. Hair, scalp hair line is disappearing. The forehead and face of people whose hairline has been lost make a wide forehead appearance from aesthetic appearance. In some centers, the most beautiful hair line is determined and created by planting hair for people who have lost their hairline by experts.

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