Hair Loss & Nutrition

Hair Loss and Nutrition

Hair loss and the effect of protein digestion, nutrition.

Hair loss is a common problem…

Poor protein digestion (gluten-free diet might help with your doctor), or iron deficiency could cause hair loss. Depression and fatigue may follow with noticing of excessive hair loss.

Malnutrition due to undiagnosed celiac may be a cause of significant hair loss and change in the hair quality.

As general health returns and proteins are in balance again, hair will begin to grow again with healthier texture, in most cases. Gray color change might be seen in the new hair growth.

Stress, such as a severe celiac episode, severe malnutrition, or hormonal – related stress such as menopause or childbirth can cause hair loss. Usually hair growth will come back after six months of good health.

If you are experiencing itchiness, dry scalp, or dandruff, check with your dermatologist. Other doctors to consult could be Internal Medicine MD, Oncologist or your OBG. If you are using any medication prescribed by a doctor and you see no improvement of your hair loss after a month or two than go back to your doctor.

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