The Stereo Microscopic Follicle Recovery System in Hair Transplants

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There square measure new advances in hair transplantation that have considerably advancd the specialty recently. the foremost necessary of that is that the use of the Stereo magnifier within the retrieval and dissection of the follicle grafts.

There square measure variety of physicians as well as myself WHO have incorporated completely the stereo magnifier into their practices once careful clinical studies. i exploit it to organize every and each cyst unit. As the general public explore the realm of hair transplantation they become aware that hair follicles and shafts don’t grow from the top one by one, however rather in cyst units consisting of 1 to 5 hairs. This includes the pilo greasy structure that lubricates the hair shaft however is also half to blame for hair growth. These vesicle units should be preserved intact throughout dissection to insure survival and growth. The previous strategies of dissection concerned stripped magnification of .5x to 3x. With the amount of magnification utilized by the stereo magnifier (20x), full appreciation of this delicate vesicle unit will be complete. mistreatment the lesser magnification it’s potential to transect through parts of this cyst unit rendering it useless to the hair transplantation method inflicting a waste of precious hair.

The use of the Stereo Microscopic vesicle Recovery System ensures that the oil gland structure is preserved intact. follicle units as little joined hair for the hairline region will pronto be used. Larger follicle units of 2-5 hairs may be harvested in their totality. This interprets into variety of positive results for the patient. the primary is bigger viability and survival of grafts. the employment of the stereo magnifier is that the most correct technique of getting the very best quality follicle unit grafts. we tend to attain a rate of growth in far more than one hundred and tenth. this is often thanks to the very fact that we tend to conjointly retrieve and utilize the resting hairs from the donor web site. These hairs would otherwise go unseen and wasted with lesser magnification. additionally, several patients have lowered hair density, have had multiple procedures with ensuing connective tissue, or have a larger degree of hairlessness. the utilization of the stereo magnifier is imperative with these candidates as every and each accessible follicle should be accurately retrieved and totally used. additionally, since excess tissue is cut far from the grafts, the ensuing vesicle grafts square measure smaller. so smaller incisions square measure required granting dense packing of grafts. Patients square measure so completed sooner and square measure usually happier as a result of the hairs square measure replaced precisely the method they are available out of the scalp, leading to a totally natural look.

The Stereo Microscopic cyst Recovery System is that the most precise technique for dissection and preparation of grafts in Hair Transplantation. it’s the quality by that alternative suggests that are going to be measured.

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