Which Hair Transplant Treatment Is Best For You?

FUT and FUE technique

Today, people are now paying a lot of attention to their appearance. When it is called external appearance, hair comes to mind first. One of the first places to look at a person is hair. Hair color, height and structure of the person’s external appearance quite affect. Different models are given to make the hair and exterior look better. But every person’s hair structure is different. Some people’s hair can be infrequent at birth, or they experience shedding due to problems in their lives that come from genes. However, with the technology that is developing today, people can make their external appearance requests. Hair transplant surgery is the most common type of hair transplant surgery. With the hair transplantation process, people can reach the hair they dream of in a very short time.

Most people who lose their hair feel bad. They consider themselves to be older than they are and have a major self-confidence problem. Their lives are negatively affected by these causes. Hair is at a very important point in terms of external appearance. Most men experience hair loss caused by genes. Because baldness is carried by the Y chromosome and most men who reach the age of 50 lose their hair. In addition, there is a lot of hair loss as a result of the problems experienced. Hair loss is caused by a change in living conditions. It is seen in both male and female individuals. With natural treatment methods, the hair that is shed does not always come into place in the desired ways. At this point, hair transplantation comes into play. As a result of this process, each individual can get the perfect look they want. Hair transplantation is a procedure that appeals to every budget, so it can be done easily by everyone. Since hair transplantation is a lifelong process, individuals can continue their lives without any loss after hair transplantation operation.

There are 2 methods in hair transplantation. It varies according to people’s hair structure and roots. these methods are FUT and FUE technique. FUT technique is the classic hair transplantation method. A piece of skin is removed from the neck and between the two ears and the hair roots on this piece of skin will be separated. After the collection of grafts, hair transplantation is carried out. The scalp is removed, though a little, after the skin is sewn off the scar remains. With this method, the healing process is 1 month. People who want to have hair transplantation with FUT method should be older than 22 years old. He should be in good health. It is necessary to have permanent hair cast. It is applied in cases where the hair density of people is quite low. This method has many advantages. One of them is that because the grafts are not collected one by one, the process takes place very quickly. It is applied without the need for a haircut. Another method is the FUE technique. With this method the hair are taken individually and without hair areas of the hair transplant process is conducted.

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