Are You a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant?

Are You a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant

Some of the important factors that make an individual a good candidate for hair transplant surgery are as follows:

The overall quality and abundance of existing hair is most important. (along with texture, color and curl).

Age of perspective patient – the older you are, the more recognizable your hair loss pattern will be. (It is very normal to be turned down by a hair transplant physician when you are in your twenties due to this factor.)

If your boding area is too large, most likely the hair transplant doctor will only do a small frontal section since not enough hair is available to cover the rest.

Patient expectation – Do you realize that you will not gain one additional hair? Hair transplantation involves relocating hairs you already have. Realistic expectations are a very important part of your being qualified.

Our affiliate doctors are committed to providing quality care, concern for the individual and maintaining integrity in all aspects of our dealings with patients.

The trip to our affiliate doctors is quick and easy and the results will be exceptional!

Are you a candidate for hair transplant restoration or non surgical hair replacement hair restoration?

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