Causes of Hair Loss In Pregnancy

hair loss during pregnancy

In general, pregnant women experience some changes in their hair, due to increased levels of the hormone estrogen. This hormone also affects hair follicles. Sometimes, apart from the hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy, hair loss can be experienced for different reasons. Hair loss in pregnancy can also be due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body. Hair loss is another cause of hair loss.

Hair loss, usually between 1 and 5 of pregnancy. it appears after the month. This is a temporary condition that affects between 40% and 50% of pregnant women. Hair loss usually returns to normal after birth 6-12. This type of hair loss can also be caused by Hormonal changes and some physical changes. Some possible causes of hair loss during pregnancy are listed below:

Lack of nutrients: pregnancy is a period when the body needs more nutrition. In addition, vomiting seen in the first trimester of pregnancy can also cause a lack of nutrients. Enough of foods of high nutritional value is not taken during pregnancy can cause hair loss. Iron, protein, mineral and vitamin deficiency also contribute to this condition. In addition, excess vitamin intake can also be a cause of hair loss.

Sometimes, pregnancy diabetes or fungal infections that occur in pregnant women can also cause hair loss. In addition, some drugs used to fight high blood pressure and depression during pregnancy increase the risk of hair loss. If you experience these conditions, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

Hormonal changes: hormonal changes in pregnancy; normal hair growth cycle intervenes, is one of the main causes of changes in hair. This can result in excessive hair loss during the first trimester of pregnancy, but this is a temporary condition and the condition reverses a few months after birth.

Genetic factors: a cause of hair loss is genetic factors. If your mother had hair loss problems during pregnancy, your risk of experiencing the same problem increases.

Thyroid disorders: Disorders of thyroid hormones, pregnancy is one of the causes of hair loss. This hormone affects the person’s digestive system, metabolism, psychological state and even hair and nails.

Therefore, thyroid disorders can cause hair loss. Some diseases, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, can cause excessive hair loss or hair loss during pregnancy.

Reproductive-related causes: the discontinuation of birth control pills or other birth control methods, can cause hair loss. In addition, abortion, stillbirths and miscarriages are among the causes of hair loss.

Scalp diseases: many women with pregnancy may experience skin allergies or problems affecting the scalp. These can contribute to thinning hair and even hair loss.

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