Effects of smoking on hair transplantation

smoking and hairloss

Does smoking affect hair transplantation operations? Can I smoke after hair transplantation? When can I smoke after hair transplantation? Does smoking affect the success of hair transplantation operation? Can hair transplantation be done to smokers? What is the effect of smoking on hair transplantation operations? We tried to explain all these issues. Continue reading!

About 1 billion people in the world are addicted to smoking. Many adult lives on the world as a cigarette addict. The cause of cancer, which causes many serious deadly diseases, is now known by everyone, especially the smokers. Smoking can cause negative effects in all surgical operations including hair transplantation operations. Cigarette dependence is the main cause of many diseases ranging from lung cancer to coronary artery disease.

Harm of Smoking in Surgical Hair Transplantation

The majority of important surgical operations are performed under general anesthesia. Smokers are required to quit smoking before important operations such as heart surgery. The main reason for this is to stop the self-breathing during general anesthesia and to maintain the breathing function by means of the machine. The damage caused by cigarettes in the lungs can create serious risks in the awakening process after general anesthesia.

Although hair transplantation operations are performed under local anesthesia, smoking is still outside this risk group, but smoking has different negative effects.
Preoperative cigarette smoking increased the risk of complications up to 6 times. Cigarette smoke causes an increase in the number of leukocytes and platelets in the blood. Smoking rapidly reduces the oxygen level in the blood cells.

The rate of smoking cessation before surgery is 43% and the success rate of the operations affects the rate. 54% of the patients who smoke after the operation can smoke within two days without the healing process. This situation seriously interferes with the healing and treatment process. By smoking, around 4000 chemicals in particulate and gaseous form enter the person’s body and deform at cellular dimensions.

Effects of Pre-Smoking Cessation

From the first moment of smoking, the level of carbon dioxide in the blood decreases slowly and is replaced by oxygen, which has a great effect on the nutrition of organs. Although the blood pressure level is above normal for a long time, as the hours pass, the blood pressure level returns to normal after stopping smoking.

Stopping smoking 1 day ago causes an increase in oxygen level in the blood. Decreasing nicotine intake causes the heart rhythm to return to normal. Blood pressure and contraction of the vessels are normalized and the body slowly begins to circulate to the ideal level. Stopping smoking 10 days ago will improve the dysfunctional functions. Breathing functions have started to improve and sputum amount is decreased. In this process, although the immune system has not regained its former form, it has started to regulate itself.

The well-functioning immune system is the most important factor that reduces the risk of complications and infections before the operation. This also speeds up the healing process.

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