Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Transplant

hair transplant questions

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Hair Transplant Questions

Q: I just starting to thin, when should l have my first hair transplant?
A: It is best to wait until at least twenty-five before considering hair transplant surgery. It is best to wait until you have significant hair loss that is a cosmetic problem. A hair transplant is not a hair loss prevention treatment. Some hair loss in the temples is normal for a person in their mid- to late 20s as this represents the progression to a normal mature adult hairline.

Q: Can I get my original youthful hair density back with a hair transplant?

A: Hair transplant only “moves” (transplanted) rather than creates new hair. A limited amount of hair from the donor area is transplanted to a larger area in the front and top of the scalp. To achieve around 1/3 to ˝ of the original hair density in the front part of the scalp, it takes at least two or more sessions.

Q: Will hair transplant surgery shock my health hair which will result in the loss of my existing healthy hair?

A: In general, only that has begun to decrease in diameter and is weak already is shed after a hair transplant. Healthy hair is unlikely to shed, but if it were to shed, it should grow back.

Q: Can hair transplant surgery be performed into scar tissue?

A: Yes, hair transplant can be done into a scar tissue and the hair will grow in scar tissue, but not quite as well as in normal tissue. The scar tissue is not as elastic as normal tissue and the blood supply is less than in normal tissue, so that area should not be transplanted as densely. Grafts do not grow well in thickened scars.

Q: Should I have a haircut prior to my hair transplant day?

A: For the hair transplant surgeon it is easier to work with shorter cut hair in the area to be transplanted. A skilled surgeon can work with short or long hair.

The advantage of having a short haircut is that one has better visibility and therefore the procedure moves along faster. When the amount of the grafts is larger the normal session long hair may slow down the procedure. A short close hair cut may not hide the “hide” the procedure for the duration of healing.

Please note that a shaved head makes performing the hair transplant more difficult. In a close or short haircut there is some existing hair, the distribution and angle of the original hair is easy to discern and this allows the new grafts to be placed in a direction that follows the existing hair and in a distribution that complements that hair.

Q: Are cosmetic products harmful to a new transplanted hair?

A: Cosmetic products may make it difficult to keep a newly transplanted area clean right after hair transplant surgery. These products can be safely used to reduce any redness or make the area appear fuller after a week following hair transplant procedure, the scalp can be gently washed out without disturbing the newly transplanted grafts.

Q: Does very close insertion of grafts possible?

A: In a hair transplant, very close insertion of hair graft called dense packing has a risk. It could damage to the scalp and grafts might pop. Very closely spaced grafts exposes the grafts to lack of oxygen and trauma if re-insertion is needed. Only skilled hair transplant surgeon should determine if dense packing could be done.

Q: If I have several hair transplants sessions will I have multiple scars in the donor area?

A: It is possible to use the same scar area.

Q: Is it possible to have a hair transplant that is totally undetectable immediately following surgery?

A: It is possible only if your existing hair can cover the transplanted area. Wounds are small but will be detectible for the first week. There may be some swelling and some crusting and some residual redness.

Q: Can hair be transplanted using someone else hair?

A: A hair transplant between individuals can only be performed on identical twins, with the same genetics. Otherwise, the transplanted hair will be rejected.

Are you a candidate for hair transplant restoration or non surgical hair replacement hair restoration?

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