FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant Technique

FUE hair transplant technique

FUE hair transplant technique has emerged as a simple and economical thanks to get eliminate embarrassing bald patches to bolster a droopy self-worth. The procedure involves extracting individual vesicle units from the donor web site that is usually the rear and sides of the patient’s scalp and re-implanting them to the bald patch at the crown. ensuing growth is natural trying and permanent as transplanted hair get in teams of 1-4 hairs.

Development of FUE has done away with the requirement of single linear incision or vesicle Unit Transplantation. conjointly called strip surgery, FUT (follicular unit transplantation) involves removing a strip of scalp with dense hair follicles and so sewing or stapling the world of the scalp back along. vesicle units or hairs teams of one, 2, 3, and four hair square measure sliced below the magnifier and ingrained into little pricks created by the needle on the bald patch of the scalp. Hair is regrown on the donor space from wherever the strip has been removed with the assistance of a brand new trichophytic closure technique.

FUE is much additional productive associate degreed in style because it permits involves an electronic motorized circular incision (of zero.7mm-0.8mm diameter) around every vesicle unit for the extraction of the vesicle unit. These individual cyst units square measure then ingrained to the hairless space of the scalp. Minute holes left at the donor web site heal among five days while not departure any scars or inflicting any complications.


TIPS has emerged as a trusty clinic for hair transplant with their systematically sensible results and patient satisfaction. With latest and most advanced tool for quicker and additional productive FUE procedure, TIPS is definitely the simplest possibility for hair transplant.

1. FUE technique involves minimum invasive
2. it’s nearly pain free
3. there’s much no visible scarring or hurt
4. The healing time of the donor web site is minimum
5. Anybody with a bald patch wherever hair won’t grow is a perfect candidate
6. cyst harm throughout harvest is minimum
7. Since incisions square measure minute, recovery is quick and patient will come back to figure during a day or 2.
8. Donor hair will be harvested from body elements aside from scalp like beard, chest etc. just in case of severe hair fall.

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