Hair Loss During Pregnancy

hair loss in pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most miraculous period of life for many women. With the news of the baby, there are many changes in the physical and psychological conditions of women. Perhaps the most important reason for these changes is the hormonal changes that occur in the body. With pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes as it prepares to bring a creature into the world. Sometimes, these hormonal changes can cause hair loss during pregnancy.

  • So, how common is this condition?
  • Are these spills temporary?
  • Does the hair fall back after birth?
  • Can Hair Loss be prevented during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can affect your hair in many different ways. Some women note that their hair is healthier than ever during pregnancy. In fact, a third of women, 4 of pregnancy. and 5. from the months ahead, she states that there is an improvement in hair health.

However, some women also note that their hair is more problematic than ever. Hair dryness is one of the most common hair problems during pregnancy. During this period, hair needs more moisture than ever. Hormonal changes create different results in each individual and in each pregnancy. In addition, the responses of hair follicles to the changes experienced vary.

It is impossible to predict which direction these effects will take. Also, while your hair may look better in your first pregnancy, it may be the opposite in your second pregnancy. Still, it is quite rare for a woman to experience health problems such as hair loss for nine months. Especially in the last three months of pregnancy, hair will look better.

In general, a small number of hairs are shed during pregnancy. For this reason, your hair usually appears thicker and bulkier in the middle and end of pregnancy. This is because, with increased levels of estrogen, it keeps your hair in the anagen phase for longer than ever. However, due to the return of estrogen levels to normal, hair loss may occur several months after birth.

In the process that follows You learn that you are pregnant, if you see your shiny and voluminous hair thinning, it is quite normal to worry. But don’t worry, because this is probably temporary. Hair loss in pregnancy is an abnormal condition?

Hair loss in pregnancy is not abnormal; however, it is less common than hair loss after birth. However, in some cases, depending on the overall health of the expectant mother, shedding may also occur during pregnancy. Sometimes, hormonal fluctuations also cause hair loss. While you are in the shower or combing your hair, you may notice more hair loss than usual. If the spill continues, this is probably due to some vitamin deficiencies. In this case, consult your doctor and take precautions to prevent spills from increasing.

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