Is Electrical Technology Effective for Hair Loss?

Electrical technologies in hair loss have become very popular recently. Current stimulants against hair loss are used preventatively. Especially this means that they resist baldness before the hair loss spreads too much. However, this is a method that has not been fully developed yet. However, it can now be assumed that it will be released in the foreseeable future. In this article, you will learn what makes the new technology different and whether it is really effective for hair loss.

How Do Electrical Pulses Work Against Hair Loss?

Many men struggle with hair loss throughout their lives. This is especially true for older men. After the age of 30, the likelihood of showing hereditary hair loss increases.

Current stimulants against hair loss promise a remedy in this regard. Because electricity can activate different functions in the body. This also applies to scalp growth. The prerequisite for this is a targeted application of electrical stimulation.

The areas around the hair root are important. The structures ensure that the hair and roots are firmly fixed on the scalp. Follicles can be stimulated to new activity with electrical stimulation.

Does the Method Work?

In previous tests, this technology has definitely had a good effect. A small device sends the electrical stimulus to your scalp against hair loss. This can be easily hidden under a cover. The electricity required for the application is also produced from your movements with the help of nanogenerators.

With permanent use, your hair will thicken and even reach a greater length. Researchers hypothesize that electrical stimuli may be more effective against hair loss than traditional medicines.

In addition, this therapy has the advantage of almost no side effects. It is currently considered to be well tolerated and is therefore recommended for different groups of people.

Alternatives to Electrical Technologies in Hair Loss

Unfortunately, the presented treatment method has not yet been fully developed. Therefore, you will have to wait a few more years before you can use the new technology. However, there are other methods you can use to treat hair loss.

Hair Pigmentation

If you want to visually fill bald areas or simulate a short hairstyle, you should consider hair pigmentation. This is a technique that uses color pigments to create a stubble beard. The specialist will take into account your natural hairline and color during this process.

It is possible to achieve a deceptively realistic result with very fine tools. The advantage of this method is that it is generally well tolerated. It can also be used for almost all types of hair loss. Thus, you can imitate a short hairstyle even on a completely bald head.

Thanks to fine tools, it is now even possible for the specialists to create a smooth transition between color pigments and the patient’s own hair. It is relatively inexpensive compared to hair transplantation.

Immediately after the procedure, patients can return to their work and life. Unlike hair transplantation, you do not have to accept a long waiting period. Your scalp is also hardly irritated, which means the risk of inflammation is extremely low.

Nutrient-Containing Care Products

If your hair is falling out, you should first invest in high quality care products as an alternative to electrical stimuli against hair loss. In this way, you will ensure that your scalp is nourished from the outside with the necessary nutrients. Many people make the mistake of simply paying attention to the price when purchasing care products. However, you can easily obtain a paraben-containing product. They prove to be harmful to the hair and scalp as they have a drying effect.


PRP therapy is what is known as autologous blood therapy. For this, 8 to 16 milliliters of blood is taken from the arm vein. The specialist separates the plasma from its components and enriches it with platelets and vitamins. Blood is injected into your scalp using fine tools.

Hair growth is stimulated here. The technique is considered to be well tolerated because it causes only minimal irritation to your scalp. You will get the best results if you use the PRP method at the earliest possible stage. It is positive that it can also be used for different hair loss.

Side effects of PRP treatment are also unknown. This is because your own blood is used for treatment.

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