What Is Graft?

what is graft

Wanting to have hair transplantation, they hear the term are often people who do research on this subject, in fact, except for hair transplantation, dentistry, and other medical fields such as surgery are used.

The most general definition of graft, which can take on different meanings in different fields of Medicine, is defined as the tissue taken from any region of our body without vascular and nerve connections to be transferred to another region of our body.

This piece of tissue is fed by a method called “diffusion” in the region where it is transported. Diffusion is the feeding of grafts carried independently from the vascular and nerve connections with the tissues around them and their capillary vessels. Over time, the tissue gets used to the area it is transported to and new vascular connections begin to form. Having a nutritional problem may mean that the grafts cannot adapt to the region where they are transplanted and die. To avoid this, grafts are used as thin as possible in small pieces.

Grafts used in different areas of medicine can be taken from different parts of the body for different treatments. Today, the most needed graft tissues; skin, hair root, stem cell, cartilage, bone, fat, nail and vein.

Most skin and the treatment of burn wounds with skin grafts, plastic surgery for reasons such as the shortcomings of the skin that occurs after trauma, when used in hair transplant surgery with hair follicle grafts are used.


Grafts in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is often used in the term graft, the donor site of the person who wants to have hair transplantation is prepared to be planted in the area without the tissue pieces. The graft contains hair roots and some skin. There are different types of grafts based on the amount of skin it contains and the number of hair follicles.

The grafts taken for hair transplantation operation can be of different sizes.
In most cases, the grafts removed from the donor area between the nape and the ear may contain two, three, five hair roots.

In hair transplantation, how much hair can be planted in the area where the hair is lost is a stage that affects the outcome of the operation. This is where the grafts come into play.

How much hair will grow in the area where the hair is planted is directly proportional to the number of hair follicles in the grafts, not to the graft that is planted. How much hair follicles will be in a graft from your donor area depends on the structure, quality and density of your hair.

Grafts can be collected from the donor site by different methods. In FUT technique, hair transplantation operations are performed by removing a larger and larger piece of skin, while in Fue technique, hair follicles can be collected as smaller grafts. A device with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm allows the wounds to heal quickly. These small tissues taken with micro Fue technique are called microgreft.

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