What you should do if you have hair loss problem?

hair loss

First have a check with your Dermatologist to find the cause for the hair loss. You should discuss any medication that you are taking and your diet too. Medications effect different people with different effects. If you are on hormonal medication, the Estrogens and Testosterone might be TOO strong for you. Other doctors to consult could be Internal Medicine MD, Oncologist or your OBG for hormonal imbalance check.

Stress can trigger hair loss both in men and women. Stress related it maybe reversed by the elimination of stress factors. In 95% of all hair loss cases, the most common cause is due to an inherited baldness known as androgenic alopecia. Over 66% of men and over 20% of women experience this type of hair loss called “male-pattern baldness” or “female-pattern baldness.” Excessive hair loss could also result from alopecia areata, crash dieting, damaging hair care practice, hormonal changes caused by menopause or thyroid abnormalities, serious illness, and severe emotional stress.

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